2D Animation 30/10/2015

'La Belle Et La Bete 1946' Taming What Cannot be Tamed 27/10/2015

Victor Moscoso 28/10/2015

Maya Tutorial: One Point, Two Point and Three Point Lighting 15/10/2015

End Of Project 1: Mistakes, Knowledge and Experience 23/10/2015

Invisible Cities Low Exterior Shot 21/10/2015

Invisible CitIes Interior Shot 21/10/2015

Maya Tutorials: Animation, Dynamics, Keyframe, Motion Paths and MEL 23/10/2015

Armilla Presentation

'Art Of' Armilla 22/10/2015

Invisible Cities Exterior Shot 21/10/2015

Art Of Progress: Cover Art 20/10/2015

'Space Odyssey 2001' What is it? What does it mean? Where did it come from? 16/10/2015

Flash tutorial: Transformation 16/10/2015

Maya Tutorial: Batch Rendering 16/10/2015

Illustrator: General Practice 16/10/2015

'King Kong 1933' The Father of all Special Effects Films 15/10/2015

Invisible Cities Colour & Texture Influence Map

Maya: Texturing 12/10/2015

Digital Drawings: Point Perspectives 12/10/2015